About the project

Teaching History for Disabled Students through Digitilized Gamification Tools



KA220-SCH – Cooperation partnerships in school education

Erasmus +


The objectives of the Tech-Game project are:

– Supporting the capacity building of mainstream and special education history teachers in primary and secondary


– Supporting teachers and improving their key competencies by using gamification in the history classroom;

– Creation of gamification software and tools related to history topics;

– Digitalization of the gamification tools by the creation of a gamification platform and a mobile application;

– Supporting teachers in using and sharing effective methods in learning and recognizing history for students with fewer

opportunities (visual problems, hearing problems, intellectual

problems аnd dyslexia), addressing the opportunities and implications of digitalization;

– Fostering inclusion of students with fewer opportunities;

– Fostering equality in learning history for students with fewer opportunities;

– Promoting intercultural dialogue and strengthening knowledge and acceptance of diversity in society;

– Recognizing and validating the work of history teachers in non-formal and informal learning on European, national,

regional and local levels;

– Promoting diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, as well as the common values of freedom, tolerance and

respect of the human and social right

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